The year is 2022 we no longer have to wear masks that ruin our make up and clash with our outfits. It's Friday night and the girls want to go to your cities new hot spot so they shoot you a text and now you are in a whirlwind of thoughts, wondering; "What will I wear?!". You remember you just purchased the "Gabby" maxi dress but you aren't sure how you would like to style it........


Ok, so enough of the dramatic prologue and lets get down to business:


Let's start off with my personal favorite, The "Fashion Forward" approach.

Wearing this dress with a black leather jacket, a black wide brim hat (think lack of color), either a layered necklace (I recommend the Layered Coin Necklace) or two dainty necklaces of your choice, and a sandal is the perfect way to reach that look! If you aren't a hat person that's ok substitute that by wearing a few rings and you will still look like the boss babe that you are!

Moving on to look two the more chic approach...

Because this dress is a statement on its own you don't need to do much as far as accessories go. You can wear a few dainty bracelets, a subtle earring (I would recommend the pave interlock earrings) and a small heel. I would also recommend wearing your hair in a messy low bun so peoples eyes aren't jumping from place to place and more focused on your outfit.