About Us

Ou bél, meaning “You’re Beautiful,” in the Creole language offers a(n) exquisitely unique selection.
Cheska, the Founder, works around the clock to offer you a curated collection of effortless, fashion forward, novelty pieces from all around the world, guaranteed to make a statement. 

A Message From The Founder:

I am a proud Haitian French American, who is the owner of Ou bél. For the longest time I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do, all I knew was I loved shopping, making the world my runway and being creative while doing so. I didn't have it all figured out; Hell, I still don't-- but that's the fun of life, making it up as you go and enjoying the ride!  


I have over 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, throughout that time I either had someone tell me I wasn't good enough for a specific job title, or I was not good enough for a promotion so I said "Enough, is enough!". I know my capabilities and I am not going to let someone else dictate my future, so I quit my job and poured my heart and soul into this business full time.

Ou Bél isn't just about a shopping experience it's about Empowerment and feeling absolutely beautiful in those moments. If you take anything away from this message, remember this: NO ONE can tell you who you are or what you are worth but YOU. Follow your dreams and NEVER take no for an answer. 

One last thing Ou Bél wouldn’t be possible without you beauties, so here is a huge thank you for making my dream become my reality.

To the go-getters, passion for fashion, bold women of all walks of life. You guys are amazing XoXo